Service supervisor Markku Räsänen

Diverse days and a challenging job to keep you happy

Markku Räsänen, a service supervisor in property maintenance has been working in the industry for 21 years. Varying work days and sufficiently challenging work have kept Räsänen happy.

– I started my career as a maintenance man and continued as a case manager for a short period. In 2003, I was appointed as a service supervisor. We have a great team here and it is nice to go to work every morning, Räsänen says in good spirits.

Räsänen has a number of different qualifications and training courses up his sleeve. He has completed machine and metal engineering qualifications at a vocational institute and a business degree at a business college. Alongside his job, Räsänen has completed a bachelor’s degree in real property management and also holds facilitator qualifications.

– I must say that RTK-Palvelu offers great training opportunities. Whenever I’ve expressed an interest in some training, I’ve been able to participate in it, he praises.

Räsänen is the supervisor of over twenty employees together with another service supervisor. He starts his work days by assigning tasks and providing information about exceptional circumstances. His daily tasks include work planning and monitoring. Contacting customers is also part of his everyday responsibilities.

Work requires anticipation

According to Räsänen, success at work requires an ability to anticipate what is going to happen and using a service-minded approach. The success of work planning is also important from a perspective of employee satisfaction.

– This job requires you to always be one step ahead and remain on top of work planning. Weather conditions considerably affect property maintenance and you must be able to make quick decisions, for instance, when employees are absent from work due to sickness, Räsänen says.

According to Räsänen, the most rewarding aspects of his job include completing a major endeavour successfully and with high quality.

Property maintenance involves versatile tasks

Working in property maintenance involves versatile tasks. At times, Räsänen still encounters a perception of the job of property managers as little more than picking up rubbish.

–This is a nicely challenging and continuously developing industry. Succeeding in this job requires comprehensive skills in property technology and a service mindset, Räsänen considers.

Räsänen also has bright future prospects. He is also satisfied with his employer, RTK-Palvelu.

– This will continue to be a steady industry in the future and there will be plenty of work, as new properties are constantly constructed RTK-Palvelu is a good company and I enjoy working here, Räsänen summarises.