RTK-Palvelu’s tailored maintenance cleaning service ensures that SSAB’s factory environment stays clean

SSAB:n toimipiste

The proficient cleaning services of RTK-Palvelu improve the comfort of SSAB’s steel factories and contributes to their occupational safety. SSAB values RTK Palvelu’s activity and relies on the company’s support even in surprising contexts.

SSAB is a global steel corporation and one of RTK’s customers with nationwide operations. RTK-Palvelu is responsible for over a dozen SSAB sites around Finland.

Finland’s largest SSAB factory is located in Raahe. The factory is also one of the biggest steel factories in the Nordic countries. RTK-Palvelu is responsible for the maintenance cleaning of the properties in the 500-hectare factory area, including control rooms, offices and public spaces. The lively everyday life at the factory sets high demands for workers.

– Heavy machinery is operated in the factory, and there is a lot of noise, heat and dark corners. The dirt in the factory area is also different from other places. RTK-Palvelu has done a great job adapting to this highly demanding working environment, says Taina Kallio, regional property manager at SSAB.

When working in a factory area, ensuring good occupational safety is key. Everyone working in the factory area must have completed general and department-specific safety training and obtained an occupational safety card. RTK-Palvelu actively participates in maintaining and developing occupational safety in the factory by ensuring that the properties in the factory site are clean.

– The operations by the representatives of RTK-Palvelu support the active observation culture of occupational safety at the Raahe factory. For instance, we immediately carried out all necessary risk reviews as soon as we started our operations at the factory, says Teppo Aalto, unit manager at RTK-Palvelu.

Reliability and organisation ability as the strengths of RTK-Palvelu

RTK-Palvelu and SSAB have been working together since 2017. Each week, the companies carry out joint quality and safety rounds at the factory site. The collaboration runs smoothly with direct feedback and action.

– RTK-Palvelu’s strength lies in organising its operations. They have made their operations run smoothly and have found suitable staff for the factory, notes Sauli Kallio, a property manager at SSAB.

SSAB finds that RTK-Palvelu has a competitive price-quality ratio. According to Taina Kallio, activity and reliability are RTK-Palvelu’s best characteristics:

– Despite the fact that changes occur weekly in the factory environment, we can always trust that RTK-Palvelu will do its job and manage even the most unexpected situations.