Service manager Tanja Putaansuu

Customer satisfaction is rewarding

In her job, Tanja Putaansuu, a service manager at RTK-Palvelu, is responsible for the cleanliness of the SSAB factory and smoothly running cleaning operations. One of the largest steel factories in the Nordic countries, SSAB is a challenging, but also rewarding, work environment.

Putaansuu spends her active work days around the factory. She is in charge of ensuring that daily cleaning processes are running without a hitch. Her daily work covers a wide scope of tasks from planning work shift lists to ordering goods and orienting new employees with their work.

– My task is to make sure that everyday operations are running as they should. I am the only employee in this work unit in a supervisory role, while case managers deal with practical work and guidance in the field. Of course, I also spend a lot of time in the field for purposes such as making quality assessment rounds with the customer. I also engage in self-monitoring and participate in the extra cleaning work required in the factory, Putaansuu says.

The work environment requires vigilance

Putaansuu knows the factory inside out as she has been working there for over fifteen years. The competence acquired over the years helps her in her job where employees must always stay on track of what is going on.

– The situations keep constantly changing during out work days. This job requires patience and an ability to understand the big picture. At times, you must also do practical cleaning tasks, Putaansuu says.

According to Putaansuu, the most rewarding part of the job is that the customer is satisfied. She feels that the cooperation with the customer is going smoothly and the daily operations are rolling along nicely. As an operating environment, the factory poses some special challenges, as cleaning the factory requires paying attention to exceptional circumstances, such as heat and mobile machinery. Putaansuu is also responsible for providing training to over thirty employees, and the orientation and occupational safety at the department level and related monitoring.

RTK-Palvelu provides a variety of career opportunities

Over the years, Putaansuu has completed a variety of management training courses alongside her job. RTK-Palvelu provides continuous training opportunities, which are available for everyone interested regardless of their job descriptions.

– RTK offers great training opportunities. Just now, a few of our employees have been attending apprenticeship training alongside their jobs, Putaansuu explains.

Putaansuu is highly satisfied with RTK-Palvelu as her employer. You get help with tricky situations as necessary and things are generally in order. Putaansuu has a message for those considering working in the industry.

– This is a job that allows you to be physically active and no two days are the same. RTK also offers great career advancement opportunities.