Property manager Tuukka Savolainen

Every day is different

Property Manager Tuukka Savolainen’s career at RTK-Palvelu began with cutting grass in summer 2004. Savolainen’s long employment relationship in the company has also taken him to different property maintenance tasks, refining him into an expert in his field.

– I like this job. This is a versatile job where you get to move around a lot. No two days are the same. We also have a good team and our work runs smoothly, Savolainen says.

Straight to work from school

Savolainen was hired at RTK-Palvelu straight from vocational school. His vocational qualifications in the HPAC sector laid a good foundation for his current job. Alongside his job, Savolainen has also completed apprentice training leading to property manager qualifications.

– RTK provides great training opportunities: whenever I’ve been interested in attending training, I’ve always been given a chance to do so. That was also the case with the qualifications in property management, which was something I wanted to pursue, Savolainen says.

Savolainen’s work days typically start at seven in the morning and include a wide variety of repair and maintenance tasks. He feels most accomplished when the customer is satisfied.

In fact, Savolainen considers customer service as a central part of property maintenance.

– You must be able discuss to and get along with people in this job. You can’t be the grumpy sort, Savolainen chuckles.

In addition to a service-minded approach, the job requires high proficiency in property maintenance and good IT skills as maintenance books and requests are all accessed through digital systems.

Low turnover rate indicates high satisfaction

Savolainen commends RTK-Palvelu as an employer. According to him, the long employment relationships of the company’s employees serve as an indication of employee satisfaction.

– I’m personally satisfied and everything is really good. There is mutual trust and things are also otherwise managed as they should. I’ve also recommended RTK-Palvelu to my friends as both a service provider and an employer, Savolainen summarises.