Etola Kiinteistöt Oy

RTK-Palvelu is a long-term partner of Etola Kiinteistöt.

Etola Technologies toimipiste
Etola Kiinteistöt Oy owns, maintains and rents facilities, primarily for the use of the companies in the Etola Group. The company manages 50 different real properties totalling at around 200,000 square metres of business premises. RTK-Palvelu is responsible for the property maintenance and cleaning services of twenty properties owned by Etola Kiinteistöt.

– I am highly satisfied with RTK-Palvelu and our cooperation has been ongoing for over 20 years by now. The main reasons behind our long cooperation include the high-quality of work, long-term service development and committed staff, says Jouni Pelkonen the managing director of Etola Kiinteistöt.

High quality of work produces cost savings

The Etola corporation works in the industrial, construction, boating equipment and home appliances sectors. The company’s annual turnover is around EUR 400 million and employs around 1,500 people. As the company’s operations are highly diverse, the maintained properties have considerably different character. According to Pelkonen, the staff of RTK-Palvelu nevertheless know the buildings and operations that take place in them through and through. Once you manage the processes, work runs smoothly and those using the premises are satisfied.

– RTK-Palvelu are right at the heart of operations. Thanks to the company’s a relatively low turnover rate, we have been able to develop operations together with a long-term approach. We know each other and what we must focus on. This cooperation is a genuine partnership, Pelkonen says.

In addition to keeping those using the premises happy, careful maintenance also ensures that the properties stay in good shape.

– It is obviously important to retain the value of the properties. Taking good care of the facilities reduces the need for major repairs. This means that you are clearly saving money. When your equipment is in good shape, your repair costs and energy consumption will also remain moderate, Pelkonen summarises.

Quality meeting ensures service development

According to Jouni Pelkonen, the good partnership is also apparent in active development of activities, smoothly running contractual negotiations and customer-oriented service.

– I find the quality meetings held a few times per year a particularly good practice. Everyone involved in the processes, from work supervision to property managers and contractual persons, participate in the meetings. During the meetings, we discuss the service content and our needs, come up with ideas and develop the activities in collaboration. Cooperation is about learning together, and meetings enable us to build an improved partnership, Pelkonen says.

Pelkonen feels that he has always received personal service from RTK-Palvelu. Instead of an anonymous customer service professional, he can always contact an employee he is familiar with. Indeed, the smooth flow and reliability of work processes is an important part of the service experience. The comprehensive service is also reflected by the responsible and collaborative attitude of employees.

– RTK-Palvelu’s workers have this positive thing going on. It is nice for everyone when your partner is smiling. This is hardly rocket science: as long as you do your job with a positive attitude and a sense of humour, the quality of your service will also get better, Pelkonen says.