RTK-Palvelu ensures comfort and safety at the Iso Omena shopping centre around the clock

Kuva kauppakeskus Iso Omenan sisätiloista

RTK-Palvelu makes sure that all Citycon’s shopping centres in Finland are clean. The company manages lively daily operations of the Espoo Iso Omena mall with genuine dialogue and timely action.

The Citycon corporation is the leading owner, developer and administrator of shopping centres focused on convenience goods sales in the Nordic countries. RTK-Palvelu is responsible for the cleaning and outdoor area maintenance services in twenty Citycon shopping centres across Finland. One of these sites is Iso Omena, one of Finland’s largest shopping centres located in Espoo.

– Around 1.7 million customers visit Iso Omena every month. While the large numbers of customers make this an extremely challenging site, RTK-Palvelu has been doing an excellent job, says Siim Rosenthal, the centre manager of Iso Omena.

In the world of shopping centres, work must be adjusted to the customer flows, which means no day is like the other. The extensive opening hours pose an additional challenge in the lively world of shopping centres. Iso Omena is only closed for four hours per day.

– Citycon employs one hundred RTK-Palvelu employees. We have our staff at Iso Omena around the clock to make sure that the shopping centre stays safe and comfortable, says Emilia Viitanen, regional director at RTK-Palvelu.

RTK-Palvelu is an active and open partner to Citycon

With the help of RTK-Palvelu, Iso Omena has been able to uphold the quality criteria it highly values. Rosenthal praises RTK-Palvelu for the company’s activity in engaging in dialogue as well as solving problems.

– Our standards are high and we measure quality every day. We engage in constant discussion with RTK-Palvelu and consider together how we can develop to be even better, Rosenthal says.

RTK-Palvelu succeeds in managing nationwide clients like Citycon through its adept centralisation of operations and services – while never overlooking individuality.

– We use close cooperation with shopping centres to make sure that our operating models are uniform at every site. At the same time, we make sure that every site gets services tailored to its specific needs, Virtanen explains.

The hectic daily life of a shopping centre never gets dull. When facing an unexpected challenge, RTK-Palvelu wastes no time and will act immediately to solve the problems that may arise. When there was water damage in the shopping centre on one Saturday evening in May, it only took thirty minutes for six employees with sweepers to arrive at the scene and fix the issue. Acting quickly helped efficiently minimising the damage.

– RTK-Palvelu’s strength definitely lies in the company’s active responding to situations. Together, we aim at solving any problems that arise and I find we have done a particularly great job at doing that. We are genuinely in the same boat, Rosenthal summarises.