RTK-Palvelu makes sure Superpark stays clean

Lapsia leikkimässä Superparkin pallonheittopelissäSuperpark is a Finnish chain of indoor activity parks engaging customers in physical activity across the country. Currently, the company already has its activity parks in 13 different towns. RTK-Palvelu currently manages the cleaning services for the company’s activity parks in Vantaa and Espoo.

Superpark’s mission is to provide visitors with a unique and enjoyable experience of physical activity whatever their age or fitness level. The parks serve as places for adventure and team building where every customer gets to experience the joy of exercise and succeed in various activities. Clean and hygienic premises and equipment are an essential part of the comfort of the activity park.

– It is crucial that our parks are well-maintained and safe. The equipment must also be in good shape. Cleaning services are one of the corner stones of our operations, and the cleanliness of the action park is obviously vital for the customer experience, says Taneli Sutinen the man behind the Superpark concept and the company’s development manager.

Well-working solutions for a challenging environment

According to Sutinen, the collaboration with RTK-Palvelu has been going extremely well and the level of cleanliness in the parks has improved as a result of the partnership. The activity park staff has also praised RTK-Palvelu’s operations.

As an operating environment, the activity parks require various kinds of special expertise from cleaning services, as the parks have a variety of uncommon surfaces that need to be cleaned, including climbing walls, game equipment and trampolines.

– There is no ready-made solution on how to clean many of the sites in the park. RTK-Palvelu has taken an ambitious approach to the challenging environment and collaborated with us in determining the best way to carry out the cleaning, Taneli Sutinen praises.

Continuing the joint adventure in the future

According to Sutinen, the strengths of RTK-Palvelu include genuine interest in the challenges posed by the customer and its ability to cooperate. In fact, good dialogue between the partners is the key to efficient cooperation.

– It is fun and easy to work with RTK-Palvelu. It is important that you can reach their contact person whenever necessary. They are also responsive to feedback and good at developing their activities, Sutinen points out.

The cooperation between RTK-Palvelu and Superpark may expand beyond the two parks to the other Superpark facilities in the future.

– We are satisfied that we have found a good partner. Let’s see how our cooperation is going to be extended in the future, Sutinen summarises.